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Nikolaevstroymekhanizatsiya – 75 years

The construction company “Nikolaevstroymekhanizatsiya” in 2021 celebrated its 75th anniversary. At the festive event, honored…

Detail 20.10.2021
Vertical planning of the territory for the railway terminal in Nikolaev.

Specialists of ODO “MBM” completed the vertical planning of the territory for the railway terminal…

Detail 31.08.2021
Dump trucks MAN – replenishment in the fleet of special equipment ODO “Nikolaevstromechanization”

Nikolayevsky mechanization develops and increases its capacity. We are therefore systematically investing in…

Detail 23.09.2021
Excavation works for the Military Training Centre in Wider Lana

The company “Nikolaevstroymekhanizatsiya” performed earthworks for the military training center in Shirokoy Lana.

Company «Nikolaevstromechanization»…

Detail 05.10.2021
Breakdown of concrete foundations

“Nikolaevstroymekhanizatsiya” carried out the breakdown of concrete foundations with a CAT 320 excavator with a…

Detail 06.05.2021
Arrangement of the base of the platform for the grain elevator

The company “Nikolaevstroymekhanizatsiya” carried out work on the construction of the base of the site…

Detail 30.04.2021